Visitor wayfinding

Sheffield BID has a dedicated team of city hosts to welcome visitors to the city centre.

Our BID Buddies are professionally suited and booted, with distinctive bowler hats to help them stand out on the streets. They act as a street concierge service, providing welcome, wayfinding and reassurance to visitors.

The new five-strong team help increase Sheffield’s reputation for being one of the UK’s friendliest cities. They provide cheerful hellos and helpful words to shoppers and visitors, as well as those who live, work and invest in the city centre.

Our BID Buddies also promote BID businesses, city centre events and visitor attractions.

When not greeting the public, the Buddies keep businesses informed about the activities of the BID, and promote BID opportunities to the levy payers.

The team are the BID’s “eyes and ears” on the street, providing intelligence and data gathering as well as reporting environmental issues and anti-social behaviour.

The team has been formed in response to growing calls from the city’s office and professional services sector, which represents more than 40% of companies that pay the BID levy. The BID Buddies can also play an active role in supporting events, conferences and business meetings for levy paying businesses with a meet and greet service.

BID Buddies are the fourth team to be introduced to the city centre by Sheffield BID. They join several teams on the streets, including the BID’s Police Sergeant Matthew Burdett; the Clean Team, a team of cleaners who remove graffiti and fly-posting from the city’s walls; and the Street Rangers, who complete a daily early morning clean of the streets.


Alternatively call 0114 553 9244.

And you can always find a member of the team at Sheffield BID, Unit 1, Surrey Street, next to the Winter Garden between 10am and 6pm Monday-Saturday (7pm Thursday) and 11am and 4pm Sunday.

If you see them, say hello!