Sunday June 25th 2017

BID Street Rangers to help clean up the city centre

A brand-new cleaning team is out and about in Sheffield city centre

The new Street Rangers scheme has been developed by Sheffield’s Business Improvement District (BID) as part of its commitment to help clean up the city centre.

Starting today, Street Rangers will undertake an early morning cleaning service for the BID’s Levy Payers affected by the waste and mess left by rough sleepers and late-night revellers.

The BID is introducing the new service as part of its Cleaner programme.

The Street Rangers will be on duty between 6am and 8am Monday to Thursday and 6am and 9am Friday to Sunday on a scheduled 7-day clean-up of the known hot spots. BID Levy Payers are also being offered a rapid-response service for specific problems that might occur outside of the scheduled clean.

According to Diane Jarvis, Sheffield’s BID Manager: The Street Rangers service has been introduced following a growing number of complaints from businesses who arrive for work to find that their bins have been raided, and that doorways, private service yards and recesses contain discarded materials used for bedding and other offensive waste and detritus relating to street drinking. All of which is currently cleaned up by the business owners or employees.

Diane said: “We have a vibrant city centre which is on the cusp of great-things. But we can’t ignore the fact there are some environmental hygiene issues. These might not be quite so obvious to visitors, but businesses are being affected by people sleeping rough and others using their shop doorways to relieve themselves late at night.”

Whilst other towns and cities have successfully introduced similar programmes there is one significant difference with Sheffield’s scheme.
It is a supported employment programme, delivered in conjunction with Just Works, a Cathedral Archer Project initiative, in partnership with Sheffield-based Klear Commercial Services Ltd.

As well as experienced cleaning professionals, members of the BID’s Street Rangers will include individuals from the Just Works programme, some of whom have previous experience of rough sleeping themselves.

Diane said: “Recruits to the team are being given an opportunity to get back to work, earning the real living wage. They will also receive additional support and training towards their long-term aspirations as part of the Just Works programme.

“We are using the Street Rangers project to deliver a much-needed service to businesses whilst also helping vulnerable people who were once on the streets, get their lives back on track with employment and skills training. We hope this will be a stepping stone to better employment opportunities for each of them.”

Tim Renshaw from the Cathedral Archer Project said: “We are pleased to be working with Sheffield BID to deliver a such a practical solution for businesses. Individuals who come to us for help get access to support from several agencies. It’s great to be able to offer people employment opportunities as well. A chance to work with the BID will help increase their employability in the future, and that’s what people need … something tangible to take a pride in.”

The Street Rangers will be easy to spot in highly visible workwear and their branded electric utility vehicle.

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Pictured L/R – Robbie, Szymon, Hugo and Terry Murphy, Just Works Programme Manager with Diane Jarvis, Sheffield BID and Klear Commercial’s MD Sam Kennedy and Operations Supervisor Joe Fox

Just Works

Just Works is a Cathedral Archer Project initiative, helping to support people overcome obstacles in their lives. The programme involves graduated exposure to work through engagement with local business partners. The Just Works initiative is borne out of the Archer Project who support homeless and vulnerable people in Sheffield, with the aim of helping people achieve a better quality of life. The Archer Project does this through a programme of crisis management, support, activities and the provision of volunteering opportunities. Just Works is the ‘next step’ programme building on the solid foundations put in place by organisations such as the Archer Project to help get people back to work.

Klear Commercial Services Ltd

Klear Commercial is a commercial cleaning company started by local entrepreneur Sam Kennedy in his second year at Sheffield Hallam University. With continued support from the University’s Enterprise team, Klear has grown steadily over the past three years and now provides a full facilities management solution that includes commercial cleaning, CCTV/alarms/access control, graffiti removal, pest control and grounds maintenance. It is the commercial partner to Just Works in co-delivering professional cleaning services as part of supported employment initiatives such as the BID’s Street Rangers.

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