Monday March 19th 2018

Have your say: spice use in Sheffield

Sheffield City Council is investigating the impact of Sheffield’s street culture, including spice use, on services and businesses in the city centre, with the aim of producing a city-wide Spice Action Plan for Sheffield.

Sheffield Drug and Alcohol/Domestic Abuse Coordination Team (DACT) wants to build up a thorough understanding of spice use in the city, with a view to providing a co-ordinated approach to tackle the issue. As part of this, DACT would like to find out the views and experiences of business owners and their staff who have been affected by spice in Sheffield.

DACT would like to know what businesses know about spice, the symptoms staff have dealt with and seen on Sheffield’s streets, and the processes that have been put in place by businesses to deal with spice users. They are also asking business owners what would help them feel better equipped to respond in the event of a spice related incident or emergency.

The questionnaire takes just ten minutes, and more than one person from the same organisation can complete the questionnaire. DACT would like anyone who comes into contact with spice users, or is affected by spice use on Sheffield streets, to take part.

The questionnaire takes ten minutes to complete and can be accessed online. The deadline is 6 April. Fill in the questionnaire online.

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