Wednesday April 25th 2018

Celebrating world cultures through music on The Moor

Music from around the world will be performed on The Moor on 26 May

Music from around the world will be performed on The Moor on 26 May

Sheffield BID is pleased to support Global Soundtracks and Moor, a free event celebrating music, food and culture from around the world, taking place on The Moor on Saturday 26 May.

Brought together by University of Sheffield Concerts in collaboration with The Moor, Ignite Imaginations, and Koni Music, with funding from Sheffield BID, the event will feature music and dance performances, craft workshops and cookery demonstrations, which celebrate of Sheffield’s cultures.

Performances will take place between 11:00 and 16:00 outside on The Moor.  The music programme will feature: desert blues from Iran, Libya and Morocco, Arabic lutes, flutes and vocals from Egypt, Indian Sufi folk infusions, and multi instrumentalists from Ethiopia, Sudan, Israel and Senegal.  Ignite Imaginations will be organising craft workshops including making your own headdress and there will be cookery demonstrations from Shuji Kitchen throughout the day.

Musicians include Jerusalem-born Avital Raz, who has gained notoriety for her taboo-busting song lyrics and intelligence and singularity of her artistic vision. Kadialy Kouyate, a singer songwriter inspired by the West African Griot repertoire born into the great line of Kouyate Griot in Southern Senegal. Sarah Yaseen aka Sarah The Sufi, a singer/songwriter with a soulful voice who takes the audience into her world of emotions and feelings of love, faith, personal struggle in influential, unique compositions. Mina Salama, a musician immersed in Coptic, Arabic and European playing Arabic lute and flute, Amharic singer and traditional krar player Haymanot Tesfa, whose music is inspired by dramatic ancient landscapes and meditative social and religious music of her Ethiopian roots. Arian Sadr, a songwriter, composer, producer and Persian multi-percussionist. Singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Hassan Salih Nour from Eastern Sudan, and Danto Aiyaa, a Tuareg refugee musician from Libya, who invites the lonely desert spirits to come alive and play together, with electrifying drone-blues guitar.

The event is part of University of Sheffield Concerts Global Soundtracks, a platform dedicated to international music experiences where cultures collide and adventures in musical discovery begin.

Concerts Director, Stewart Campbell said: “Global Soundtracks is a Sheffield destination for the best in world, roots, and folk music and a platform for some of the most diverse talent the world has to offer.  We’re thrilled to be working with The Moor, Ignite Imaginations, Koni Music, and artists from around the world to celebrate Sheffield as a truly international city, with a day of free music, arts, food and crafts in the heart of the city centre.”

Diane Jarvis, Manager of the BID which works to enhance the city centre’s image as a vibrant destination to boost visitor numbers, said: “Sheffield BID is pleased to support the University of Sheffield Concerts Global Soundtracks in bringing this event to The Moor. The event will celebrate Sheffield’s cultural diversity through music in one of the city’s most popular shopping streets, increasing footfall to the area.

“Not only will the public enjoy a fantastic day of music and performances from around the world, but Global Soundtracks and Moor will provide businesses with the opportunity to work together to create new opportunities and attract new customers.”

The event is free of charge, no previous booking required.  Further information can be found by visiting the University of Sheffield Concerts website.

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