Clean Team – Terms and Conditions

Graffiti removal – terms of service

  • This service is only available to Sheffield BID levy payers who have paid their annual levy in full. If you are a non-levy payer within the BID area, we will be happy to provide services on a low-cost chargeable basis. (Alternatively, non-Levy Payers may wish to consider voluntary membership.)
  • Incidences of exterior graffiti at ground level, upper floor or roof level can be reported to the BID and our Clean Team will be on hand to respond to enquiries Monday to Saturday between the hours of and 5.30pm.
  • Internal graffiti is not part of the BID service.
  • The graffiti removal service will provide a combination of over-painting, shot-blasting, high-pressure water or chemical removal depending on the surface being treated.
  • We will endeavour to remove or temporarily cover offensive graffiti on the same day it is reported. All other graffiti will be removed within a realistic timescale, but typically within 7 days.
  • All graffiti reported to the BID will be evidenced and the details provided to South Yorkshire Police to assist future prosecutions.
  • By requesting graffiti removal services from Sheffield BID, the property tenant accepts responsibility for gaining any relevant permission from the property owner to allow for the cleaning to be undertaken. Where possible, permanent permission should be sought to enable the BID, through its’ contractors or their sub-contractors, to remove reoccurrences of graffiti at its discretion.
  • Sheffield BID and its sub-contractors will assume that instruction from the property tenant is enough to permit the work to be carried out, unless the property tenant advises to the contrary.
  • The property tenant will indemnify Sheffield BID against any claims by the property owner if any relevant permission has not been obtained by the property tenant.
  • Contractors delivering this service on behalf of Sheffield BID undertake a full risk assessment and method statement prior to each removal. This documentation will be made available to a Levy Payer upon request.
  • Sheffield BID does not accept liability for damage to surfaces due to the aggressive nature of the graffiti removal process.
  • When the service requires the painting over of graffiti, we will endeavour to provide as close a colour match as possible. If possible the building tenant/owner should provide the operative with any spare paint they may have in order to ensure an exact match.
  • The BID-funded police sergeant may visit the premises with a Crime Reduction Officer to advise on measures that can be put in place to discourage further attacks. Examples of these measures are automatic security lighting, CCTV and signage.
  • In exceptional circumstances, Sheffield BID reserves the right to make a charge for further services where no steps have been taken to put discouraging measures in place.
  • Sheffield BID reserves the right to update these terms without notice.

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Updated: November 2019