Wednesday March 28th 2018

Sheffield BID board member focus: Amanda Phillips

Amanda Phillips

Amanda Phillips

Every month, Sheffield BID shines a spotlight on one of our board members to find out more about what they do in their day job, their involvement with the BID and their views on the issues affecting Sheffield city centre.

First up is Amanda Phillips, centre manager for The Moor Sheffield. Amanda has been managing The Moor for a year, and is helping to transform it into a shopping, leisure and dining destination within South Yorkshire. She has been sitting on the BID’s board since October 2017.

 Hi Amanda, please could you tell us about your career so far, including your current job and what that involves.

I started my career in retail in 1984 with Argos, I was with them for 16 years before starting in shopping centre management. I have worked in several centres around the country and came to manage The Moor in April 2017, my current role is to bring to The Moor all the traditional elements of a shopping centre, and make it a clean, safe and a vibrant place to shop.

I’m working with existing and future retailers to bring them into a joined-up destination for visitors, and oversee project teams during the ongoing redevelopment of The Moor.

 Why did you join the BID board?

I have worked with BIDs in my previous centres and find that working as a team and for the greater good, rather than everyone working in isolation can only benefit a town or city. Like the old proverb – two heads are better than one!

What do you enjoy about being on the BID board?

That I can use my knowledge and skills to help the Sheffield city centre become a better place for people that live here, work here and visit.

Which BID project are you most passionate about and why?

That’s a hard question as I have an interest in all streams of the BID’s work. I think safer helps to improve the work within the other projects – easier, cleaner, together and busier. So I think by making the city centre a safer environment, businesses and visitors come back to Sheffield and that will make all the other projects benefit.

I also really like the joining up of the day time and night time economy through the Alive After Five strategy, which creates vibrancy in the city centre.

 In general, what are your opinions of Sheffield city centre?

Sheffield is unique with its universities, its investment in non-retail in the city centre and its wide range of retail, but I don’t think enough potential visitors, customers or occupiers are aware of the great work which goes on. I also think the public and private sector could work better together and the BID can really help in facilitating this.

I’d like to see a glossy publication shouting about the success of the BID and Sheffield city centre, not just in the locality, but beyond and internationally.

What further work would you like to see the BID undertake to improve Sheffield city centre?

I would like to see more work done with Christmas lighting, an exciting event which would bring in early evening footfall and make us stand out from the crowds. I’d also like to see more community engagement, be that with a charity or stakeholders.

Thanks Amanda

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