Wednesday January 10th 2018

Sheffield BID launches PulsePoints initiative

Sheffield city centre will soon have more publicly accessible defibrillators than any other UK city centre, as Sheffield BID launches PulsePoints, a new initiative in partnership with Westfield Health Charitable Trust and the Yorkshire Ambulance Service.

The ground-breaking initiative will see 12 life-saving defibrillators installed at multiple locations across the city centre, which will be accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A map of all PulsePoints will be produced and signposts will direct the public to their nearest defibrillator in the case of an emergency.

Following the deaths of two men who suffered cardiac arrest in Sheffield city centre in 2017, Sheffield BID began work on the PulsePoints project, which is being funded by the BID and Westfield Health Charitable Trust, with support from Yorkshire Ambulance Service. It is hoped that by installing 12 publicly accessible defibrillators across the city, PulsePoints could save lives.

Diane Jarvis, Sheffield BID Manager, said: “As part of the BID’s commitment to making Sheffield city centre safer and more accessible, we are working with Westfield Health Charitable Trust and the Yorkshire Ambulance Service to install these life-saving defibrillators across the city.

“We hope that by installing 12 publicly accessible defibrillators across the city centre, the PulsePoints initiative will help save lives on Sheffield’s streets.”

Westfield Health Charitable Trust is funding PulsePoints alongside Sheffield BID. Graham Moore, Trustee, said: “This is a project that the Westfield Health Charitable Trust is thrilled to be involved with as we have been donating defibrillators to communities and organisations for 15 years, it is something that we are really passionate about. To see more public access defibrillators around Sheffield will be fantastic and something that we are proud to have contributed to.”

In the case of an emergency, the public should call 999. They will be directed to their nearest defibrillator by the 999 phone call operator, and given an access code to the cabinet containing the defibrillator. They will then be guided through using the defibrillator until paramedics arrive.

Emma Scott, Community Defibrillation Officer at Yorkshire Ambulance Service, which is supporting the initiative, said: “Yorkshire Ambulance Service is proud to be involved in PulsePoints. We know how important it is to have defibrillators close to patients in cardiac arrest, because the sooner these patients receive treatment, the better their chances of survival. It is reassuring to know that there will be more publicly accessible defibrillators in Sheffield city centre.

“We are very keen to encourage other communities in Sheffield to invest in this lifesaving equipment and would love to hear from any parish councils, community groups, sports clubs or anyone else who might be interested in locating one. We can be contacted at”

The Yorkshire Ambulance will be demonstrating how to use a defibrillator at the PulsePoints launch, taking place on 16 January at the Virgin Money Lounge on Fargate. The Virgin Money Lounge will be home to two defibrillators, donated by the Armstrong family, who raised the money following the death of a family member in 2017.

Virgin Money Lounge’s Holly Garforth said: “The Virgin Money Lounge is proud to take part in Sheffield BID’s PulsePoints initiative.

“The Armstrong family have kindly fundraised to provide two defibrillators for the Virgin Money Lounge, one inside the lounge and one outside. This is a great addition to the scheme and we would like to thank the Armstrong family for their fundraising efforts.”

The PulsePoints initiative will be launched at the Virgin Money Lounge on Fargate at 12:30pm on Tuesday 16 January.  The launch marks the beginning of the initial roll out of 12 defibrillators across Sheffield city centre.

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