Thursday April 7th 2016

Tackling Begging and Anti-Social Behaviour in Sheffield City Centre

One-sided-poster-page-001This year Sheffield BID will be working with local charities and partners to raise awareness of the support available for people who beg in Sheffield.

Many people want to help those who beg on the streets, so we also want to get the message across that the best way to do this is to support the organisations who work with them. Giving up your spare change for a warm cup of tea is a nice gesture, but supporting the charities that help people who beg can make a real, long-term difference to their lives.

Businesses in the BID area often ask us what’s being done to address the begging problem in the city centre. In fact, there’s a lot of hard work going on right now to tackle begging and a whole range of anti-social behaviours.

In particular, the City Centre has a multi-agency group who work together to address these issues, responding to individual cases, through close collaboration and information sharing.  These organisations include:

  • South Yorkshire Police
  • Ben’s Centre
  • The Archer Project
  • Addiction
  • Adult Substance Misuse Services
  • Sheffield City Council – City Centre Ambassadors
  • Soup Kitchen
  • Street Pastors
  • Salvation Army
  • Temporary Accommodation Providers
  • Sheffield Housing

If you’re concerned about an individual who is committing anti-social behaviour, or someone vulnerable who is frequenting the city centre and is at risk of being targeted or involved in such behaviour, you can call the Sheffield Drugs and Alchohol Coordination Team (DACT) on 0114 273 6851.

Anti-Begging Campaign

The anti-begging campaign was launched in September 2015 and encourages ‘positive giving’ though local charities supporting the individuals rather than giving money directly to those begging.

Find out more about how your business can get involved in supporting the Anti-Begging Campaign, follow the link below:


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