BID services

How do I access the BID’s Street Rangers service?

Email: or telephone 0114 312 2375.

For further details of how to access and use this service please see the terms and conditions of service (updated Nov 19).

How do I access the BID’s Graffiti removal service?


For further details of how to access and use this service please see the terms and conditions of service (updated Nov 19).

How do I contact the BID Buddies?

Email: or call 0114 553 9244.

You’ll always find a Buddy on hand at Unit 1, Surrey Street, next to the The Winter Garden (home to the Sheffield Gift Card).

How do I contact the BID police sergeant?

Email: to contact Sgt. Matthew Burdett. (This does not replace the need to report crimes via 101 or in the event of an emergency calling 999.)

Billing and payment

1. I have just received my BID levy bill. What do I do now?

The BID levy can be paid to Sheffield City Council in a number of ways. The methods of payment are listed on your bill. You can look up how to pay at the council website.[2]/pay-a-bill.html

Please pay your levy bill on time as failure to do so will incur additional costs and may result in court action.

2. Why have I received this?

In February and March 2015 all eligible businesses in Sheffield City Centre received a copy of the BID prospectus and were asked to vote on the creation of a Sheffield BID with a simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ postal vote. Businesses voted by a majority ‘Yes’ to indicate they were in favour of having a Business Improvement District.

This means that each year, for five years, we will raise the BID levy that will be used to carry out the BID Business Plan to improve Sheffield City Centre.

3. Why is my BID levy bill from Sheffield City Council and not the Sheffield BID Company?

Current legislation requires all BID levies to be collected by the local billing authority, which in this area is Sheffield City Council. The Council will hold the BID levy in a separate account and transfer this across to the BID Company directly.

4. What is the difference between Business Rates and the BID levy?

Business Rates (also known as National Non-Domestic Rates) are a tax paid to the local authority and are used to pay for core services such as street maintenance, repairs and basic waste collection.

All BID projects must be additional to the standard core services the Council provides from the collection of your Business Rates. Sheffield City Council has provided a baseline outlining its core services so that we can ensure all BID activity is additional. The BID levy has been approved by the business community via the ballot and can only be used on additional projects, services and events that will satisfy the BID Action Plan.

5. I would like to query the amount on my bill

For enquiries related to the accuracy of your bill please contact Sheffield City Council Billing team at

6. How is my BID levy calculated?

Your levy is 1% of the latest rateable value for your property shown in the 2010 NNDR Valuation List, and is charged on an annual basis. For example, if the rateable value for your property is £60,000 you will be asked to pay £600. The BID levy year commences in August and the annual levy is based on the rateable values and Business Ratepayers shown in the 2010 Valuation List, at that time. Only properties appearing in the 2017 Valuation List for the first time will have their levies calculated from this list.

7. I didn’t vote in the ballot or I voted no, do I still have to pay the BID levy?

Yes, all eligible businesses in the BID area are required to pay the BID levy.

8. I moved into my property after the vote took place, am I still required to pay the BID levy?

Yes, after a successful vote all eligible businesses are required to pay the levy regardless of whether or not they were in occupation at the time of the ballot.

We are happy to send you further information about the BID and recommend you Download the final prospectus to find out more. For details of services to BID Levy Payers and projects in which eligible businesses can get involved refer to our Long Term projects. Further information on our activities can be found within our Annual Review – see publications. Please contact us at if you require more information.

9. I operate a charitable, free, health care centre, or education service that I do not consider to be a business; do I still have to pay?

Sheffield BID will consider exemptions and reliefs for such properties on an individual basis. Written applications must be made to the Company via and these must be submitted before the 31st of October following the receipt of your bill in August. Please ensure that full payment of the bill is made as requested or additional charges may be incurred. Should any relief or exemption be subsequently granted a refund will be made.

10. Since I paid the BID levy I’ve moved out of the property. Do I get a refund?

Under BID legislation, whoever is listed as the ratepayer at the time the annual bills are issued remains responsible for the BID levy for the whole year. So you won’t get a refund. However, if you move into an eligible property part-way through the year, you won’t have to pay until the next bills are issued.

11. What happens if my rateable value reduces because of an appeal I have made?

Reductions in rateable value will be taken into full consideration when calculating the levy for future years. However, there are no retrospective adjustments for the BID levy.

12. My property is empty. Do I still have to pay the BID levy?

The BID levy is payable on all eligible properties within the BID area whether they are occupied or empty.

13. What should I do if I can’t pay?

If you have genuine financial difficulty and are unable to pay then you should contact Sheffield City Council straight away. Never ignore requests for payment as this will only make the situation worse.